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LED Replacement Lights

High quality, low cost...

Doran Manufacturing is the industry leader in high quality, affordable vehicle safety LED lights.  Meeting or exceeding federal standards, Doran's LED lights work with the common truck part designs or aftermarket applications.  The Doran truck LED lights are direct replacements for trucks of all sizes and shapes.  With years of trouble-free service, most of our affordable truck LED lights take just minutes to install.  Our 4" LED turn lights with a flange mount or grommet mount, oval turn ights, rectangular clearance LED lights, round LED lighting, and more aftermarket LED lights are available.

Why Should You Use LED Lights?

Due to the numerous advantages, LED lighting is fast becoming the leading choice for truck owners and operators because it saves down-time and reduces operating costs.  LED lighting is designed to provide 100,000 hours of maintenance-free life.  It is a low amperage draw, lights up quicker and can be seen from farther distances than incandescent lighting.  Doran Manufacturing LED truck tailights, LED flashing lights, LED clearance lights,LED turn signals, and LED marker lights will keep your trucks out of the garage and on the road with the added benefit of increased visibility.


LumAware™ Illuminating Safety Products

 When lights go out and power fails, LumAwareSafety Products come to the rescue! These aren’t just some glow-in-the dark novelty items; each product can be charged in a few minutes by almost any light source — and that includes the sun! Recharging is as simple as letting the item sit in the light, there is no need for any other source like an external battery. So, when the lights are out, APT Safety Products are there to take over. No matter what!